Experience Counts

Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon

Over 3100 Robotic Procedures

It is not only about prostate cancer removal it is also about maintaining the quality of life afterwards. “Maintaining urinary continence and erectile function” is what we excel in. Dr. Razdan leads all other South Florida Surgeons in the number of Robotic Prostatectomies performed as well as outcomes with respect to cancer control, erectile function and urinary continence. With over 3000 satisfied patients, we have the testimonials to back our claims. WHEN IT COMES TO PROSTATE CANCER, EXPERIENCE COUNTS!

“Using the da Vinci robot system, I am able to perform a minimally-invasive robotic prostatectomy on patients with prostate cancer in less than 1 hour and my patients experience minimal or no blood loss. As a result patients are able to leave the hospital in 12 hours and only require a catheter for five days. In addition, patients experience a quicker return to normal activity, earlier return to sexual activity and excellent urinary control, which is why we are excited to provide this advanced option to patients.

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